Transform Your Endometriosis Journey with Ekvi

The first app for endo warriors that enables holistic symptom tracking, personalized insights, and sharing symptoms with your healthcare provider. 

About Ekvi

Take charge of your health

Endometriosis affects millions, yet many feel isolated in their experience.

Ekvi is about to change that.

Be among the first to experience a world where tracking your symptoms, understanding your body, and communicating with doctors is seamless.


Learn about your body by tracking your symptoms daily.


Discover patterns and learn how to turn pain into empowerment.


Read about topics related to your unique symptoms.


Share and learn together in the Ekvi Tribe.

Symptom Tracking

Holistic tracking with Ekvi

Tracking your unique symptoms is easier than ever.

Ekvi is created in collaboration with diverse healthcare providers and women with endo to help you track what matters.

Our app enables you to keep track of symptoms and find potential solutions. Dive into a personalized tracking experience that sets you up for success.

Personal Insights

Understand your symptom patterns

You track your symptoms. Ekvi takes care of the rest.

Every symptom you track is analyzed to reveal patterns and correlations – offering a clear view of triggers and possible solutions.

Build your holistic health profile to accelerate your access to the best treatment options for you. 


Track your symptoms with ease and precision.

Healthcare Provider

Gets a clear and comprehensive overview of your symptoms – making it easier to diagnose and find the best treatment. 


Learn and explore

Knowledge is power, and with Ekvipedia, it’s also personalized.

Dive into our library filled with evidence-based information tailored to your symptoms and interests.

Learn how to advocate for yourself, interpret your body’s signals, and make informed lifestyle choices.

Ekvipedia is your ally in navigating the complexities of endometriosis and wellness.

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trustworthy technology

Your body.
Your data.

In today’s healthcare system, your health data is often stored in multiple locations: At the general practitioner, hospital, gynecologist, etc. 

At Ekvi, we believe that you have the right to own your health data.

We provide the overview and insight you deserve about your body. 

You are in control

The health data you store with us will never be shared with anyone and you can delete them at any time.

We protect your data

We have implemented a robust platform to protect your personal data against unauthorized access.

We tell it like it is

We tell you why we collect and process your personal data.

Data for specific purposes

We only collect personal data when they serve a specific, explicit, and legitimate purposes.

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